• Services

Customer Support

One of our major goals is customer satisfaction. Therefore, we provide 27/4 assistance from our friendly and helpful customer service. Our staff is responsible, understanding and professionally trained. They will listen to the customers’ requirement, questions, complains and make sure the customers get everything they need. Our customer database is updated regularly and enables us to provide proactive services such as :

  • Periodic maintenance reminder
  • Free inspection site visit
  • Maintenance contract
  • Air audit with complete instruments and tools

Professional Technicians

Our delivery and order processing is aimed to meet the customers’ requirements in terms of delivery time, accuracy and completeness. The well-trained staffs are ready to deliver 24/7 assistance for any troubles or guidance that includes installation, air audit, maintenance and more. With well-trained, pro-active, understanding and caring technician, we are ready to be the reliable company you can count on.


The objective of our administration process is to optimize the customer convenience. All procedures are carefully documented for ease of verification and data accessibility. Therefore, we are able to supply accurate information to our customer. Our professional staff is accustomed to deal with administrative work correctly.