Company Profile

PT. Citra Arindo Abadi

PT. Citra Airindo Abadi was established in mid 2006 as a Master Distributor of Hitachi Air Compressor and Hoist.

We have been covering Indonesia market since 1992 under PT. Gatra Piranti Gahari (Used to be sole distributor of the same Hitachi products line since 1993) .

We also authorized Master Dealer in market for the following products.

1. Hitachi Rotary Screw Air Compressor
2. Hitachi Bebicon Piston Air Compresor
3. Hitachi & Orion Air Dryer & Filters
4. Hitachi Air Compressor spare parts and accessories
5. Hitachi Electrical Chain / Wire Rope Hoist

We deliver not just unit sales, but also parts and services to our customers. For Hitachi Screw Air Compressor only, we have more than 180 customers with total population of 500 unit compressors installed and namely few are as under:

1. Pt. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Mfg
2. Pt. Cikarang Listrindo
3. Pt. Ykk Zipco
4. Pt. Hitachi Construction Machinery Indonesia
5. Pt. Indonesia Industry
6. Pt. Mandom Indonesia
7. Pt. Musashi Autoparts
8. Pt. Sharp Semiconductor Indonesia
9. Pt. Sanyo Compressor Indonesia
10. Pt. Ykk Zipper Indonesia
11. Pt. Yamaha Music Mfg. Indonesia
12. Pt. Yamaha Music Mfg. Asia